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USNMix Report: The wait of Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone is finished; 
this launch may be on the date

Samsung Galaxy S10 series smartphone is going to launch in the program organized on February 20 in San Francisco.
Samsung Fold-able Smartphone will launch on 20 February, 2019
Samsung’s most anticipated Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to be launched on February 20 in San Francisco. Some media reports are claiming that in this event, the company can launch the world’s first foldable smartphone. Apart from 5G in tech world of 2019, Tech Lovers of Foldable Smartphones are eagerly waiting. Based on this, a teaser has been issued by the company, on the basis of which such hope is being expressed. Samsung has not explicitly mentioned anything about the device, but it is assuming that Samsung will launch “Galaxy F” or “Galaxy Flex” with the Galaxy S10 on that day.
The company had last year announced
The Korean company had announced its plans to launch a foldable smartphone at the Samsung Developers Conference held in November last year. In the last year’s event, Koh was quoted as saying that the company aims to provide at least one lakh foldable Galaxy smartphones and the company can increase the production volumes of its foldable devices based on market support.
According to report, this smartphone has 4400mAh battery. It is being said that the phone will have 2200mAh of two batteries in the foldable smartphone. Earlier it was said that it can be given 6200mAh of battery.
The display
According to report, there will be two screens in it. The primary display is 7.3 inches and the secondary display is 4.58 inches. Last year when this phone was introduced at the developers conference, at that time the company had been told that users will be able to use three apps at the primary screen simultaneously. This feature has been named Multi-Active Window by the Company.
10 GB can be RAM
Samsung and other smartphone makers are trying to revive the slow demand of smartphones because users all over the world are waiting for more time to upgrade their devices. There is no mention on the specification of the Foldable Smartphone, though it can have top-of-the-line snapdragon 855 processors, 10 GB RAM.
Four Samsung models can be launched
It is estimated that there may also be 5G antenna. According to the news report, Samsung can launch the four Galaxy S10 variants – “Regular” S10, S10 Plus, S10e (or S10 Lite) and S10 Special Edition. The special edition was seen on Samsung’s pre-order page of the Philippines. Pre-order page says the Galaxy S10 will be made available in the Philippines on March 15.
It can cost up to 20 lakh ($ 1,770) . Due to such a high price of this phone, its limited sales have been estimated.

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