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USNMix Report: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G Review:
So will this smartwatch eliminate the need for a smartphone?

Samsung has introduced its new smartwatch Galaxy Watch 4G in the Indian wearable market. This Samsung smartwatch has been launched especially for those looking for a smartwatch with connectivity and great performance. The company has launched this smartwatch in the Indian market with two variants. At the same time, the price of this watch’s 46 mm variant is priced at Rs 30,990 and the 42 mm variant is priced at Rs 28,490. Let us know that the Galaxy Watch 4G is the first such smartwatch from Samsung to be launched in India, in which E-SIM is supported. We have used the Galaxy Watch 4G for a month, so let’s know the review.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G-design, display and specification
The design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G is attractive, although the 46mm variant feels heavy on hand. You get a circular dial in the Galaxy Watch. There are two buttons on the right side. The most special with the design of the Galaxy Watch 4G is its rotating bezel, which you can see the features of the watch by rotating it. For example, if you do not want to see the features of the watch with a button, then you use most of the features by rotating the bezel (edge).
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G Review
One problem with the display is that many times the watch face does not work at all. Sometimes the display is activated late. Users will get a 1.3-inch Super AMOLED display in the 48 mm Galaxy Watch 4G, which has a resolution of 360X360 pixels. Support of e-SIM will be available in the watch. The Samsung Exynos 9110 chipset processor has been given for best performance. In addition, users will get support of 1.5 GB RAM. It has 5 GB of storage. In terms of connectivity, the company has given features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and A-GPS in this watch. Its strap is of silicon, which has good quality and the build quality of the watch is also good. This smartwatch is waterproof. You can use it with both Android and iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G- Talking on how easy it is
Samsung has said about this smartwatch that if you have Galaxy Watch 4G, then you do not need to watch your smartphone frequently, that is, your dependency with the smartphone will be reduced. During the review, we found Samsung’s claim to be correct. You can easily interact on the Galaxy Watch 4G, although this smartwatch is not for private conversations or long conversations. You do not need to buy an e-SIM for calling nor do you need to get any plan separately. The great thing about calling is that if for some reason your phone is off and the smartwatch is connected to a Wi-Fi, then the calling on the smartwatch will be on.

All you have to do is set the network in the watch and after that just sending a message will start calling in your smartwatch. Overall, the calling process is quite easy. The sound of this smartwatch comes out clearly during calling. For calling with this smartwatch, it is essential that your phone and smartwatch remain in each other’s range. It will not happen that you forget the phone at home and will be calling through the smartwatch in the office. You can also reply to a message or call by sending any text or emoji through this smartwatch.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G battery
In terms of battery, the case is a bit weak, because if you use this smartwatch with Always On Display, 24 Hour Heart Rate Monitor, then its battery will give only two days of backup, however after turning off these two features you will get 3 Battery backup of up to -4 days will be available. You do not get fast charging with this smartwatch. In this case, it takes up to 3 hours to full charge.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G performance
Through this smartwatch, you can play / pause music tracks playing in the phone. Apart from this, music can also be changed. Also, you can get complete information about the music tracks being played from this watch. This smartwatch also has a gallery. In such a situation, you can see 200 photos in your phone on this smartwatch. Auto sync feature has been provided for this. The performance of any smartwatch is determined by its accuracy. In this case it is on the smartwatch top. Whether it is about weather, step counting, heart rate or barometer. In every case, this smartwatch gives accurate results.
The auto sports mode provided in it works well. For example, if you walk a little faster then the clock automatically goes on walking mode and tells you that you are walking at some speed. Apart from this, you also know the time of walking. For excellent performance, it has many features like automatic walking, running, cycling. Overall, we did not have any complaints about the performance during the review. This watch is a gift for those who are serious about health.

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