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You Can Earn Money From Home when Sleeping.

Regarding the benefits of investing in gold, you have been listening since the past times. But do you know that gold jewellery kept in your home can also benefit you. In fact, State Bank of India (SBI) has brought you a great opportunity. You can earn through the most special scheme of SBI. State Bank of Gold Deposit Scheme can be earned by depositing your gold. If you have gold jewellery coins or pure gold, then depositing it in this scheme gives you many benefits with interest.

Certificate on deposit
According to report, when you deposit gold into the SBI scheme, your gold is checked for purity. On the basis of correctness, certificate is given on behalf of the bank. You can keep your gold deposits from 1 to 15 years. Upon the end of the term of the deposit it can be withdrawn along with interest. If you want, the entire amount can be taken in cash in place of gold. 
SBI special scheme gives many benefits with interest on gold jewellery kept at home

Who can invest in
According to the official website of SBI, Indian citizens can take advantage of this scheme. The depositor can open a single or joint account. HUF, partnership firm can also invest in it. Under this scheme it is necessary to deposit at least 30 grams of gold. However, there is no upper limit on depositing.
How many years is deposited
The name of this scheme in SBI has been named Short Term Bank Deposit (STBD). SBI’s scheme is deposited in gold for 1-3 years. At the same time, the deposit duration for medium and long term is 5-7 years and 12-15 years. However, if an investor withdraws a year before the fixed time, then he has to pay a penalty on interest. In the medium term, the investor can be out of the scheme after 3 years. Can be withdrawn only after 5 years with a long term scheme. Penalty should be paid for withdrawing gold or money before maturity.
Interest upto 5%
The STBD scheme yields up to 5% interest. 0.50% interest is paid on one year’s investment. 0.55 percent on two-year investment and 0.60 percent interest on three-year investment. At the same time, there is an annual interest of 2.25% on a medium term i.e. 5-7 years of investment. Talking about the long term, an investment of 12 to 15 years gets an interest of 2 to 5 per cent annually.
Interest will be found on idle sleep
You do not get anything in gold kept in the locker. At the same time, there is interest on passive gold in this scheme. Under the SBI Gold Deposit Scheme, interest is calculated in gold currency and payment is made in rupees.
Can invest in these branches
The benefits of this scheme are available only in select branches of SBI. These include PB branch of Delhi, SME branch of Chandni Chowk, Coimbatore Branch, Hyderabad Main Branch, Mumbai’s Boolean Branch. In all these branches, you can take advantage of it by placing the gold.
Increase in gold rate will get more benefit
The biggest benefit of this scheme of SBI is that on the maturity of the scheme, you will be paid according to the price of that day. Over the past several years, gold has given better returns to investors in the long run. Given this, it is possible that gold prices are likely to increase further. At the same time, you get the interest of the plan period apart from the increased prices.
Income tax exemption
In this scheme of SBI, you get a discount in the income tax on gold investment. At the same time, if you have more gold than income, you have to pay tax on it. No property tax, capital gains tax or income tax is payable on SBI Gold Deposit Schemes.

Loan available on Gold in the scheme
On investing in SBI Gold Deposit Scheme, you get the facility of sleeping on this gold. Loan can be taken up to 75 percent of the basic value of gold.

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