Smart Stethoscope can able to send heartbeat via Whatsapp and email

USNMix Report: Will be able to send heartbeat via WhatsApp and email,
smart stethoscope will be available at this price.

IIT Bombay students have created a special stethoscope, through which people will be able to send their heartbeat to anyone via e-mail. Users will get internet and Bluetooth support in this device. Also, users of this device will be able to record the heartbeat and reach the doctor through e-mail or WhatsApp.

At the same time, this smart stethoscope is named Age Sync. This stethoscope is specially designed for rural areas. Here the nurse or doctor will be able to send the patient report to the specialist and get advice for treatment. So let’s know about this smart stethoscope. 
Smart Stethoscope can able to send heartbeat via Whatsapp and email

Stethoscope will be used in these places
Through this stethoscope, doctors will be able to detect the sickness of the patients and the holes in the heart of children through this stethoscope in rural areas. Experts believe that this device will better treat the people living in the village. At the same time, this device is 35 times better than a common stethoscope. Age Sync will be used with a special app age share. The team member who produced it, Tapas Pandey has said that the beat of people is recorded with the Age Share app.

Screening will easily cure
With a special technique stethoscope, doctors sitting in another city can hear the beating of the patient in the village. Also, doctors will be able to guide the staff present in the village to treat the patient through screening. Apart from this, the phono cardiograph of the heartbeat of the patient is also created, by which we understand the speed of sound.
Smart stethoscope price
This stethoscope has passed the test through EMIEMC. The students have given a jumbo battery in the age sink, which can operate easily for 18 hours. At the same time, the price of this device is Rs 14,000. The Maharashtra Health Department has just made 100 stethoscopes, which will be sent to three rural areas.

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