Social media influencers income increases fast with popularity
USNMix Report: Social media influencers grew by 12 times,
the market will be 71 billion.

Everyone is present on social media nowadays. Most people will find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Telegram. According to a report, around 289 million people use social media, which is 39% of the world’s population. Due to social media, many people became stars overnight. There are many more who are becoming popular through social media. Social Media People who have millions of followers are called social media influencers and these people are earning crores of rupees from social media.

Instagram is getting an average of one lakh 20 thousand rupees
According to a report by marketing firm Aizia, till 2017, social media influencers used to get 134 dollars i.e. about 10 thousand rupees for an Instagram post, whereas today they get 1682 dollars i.e. about one lakh 20 thousand rupees for a sponsored post. In such a situation, Instagram influencers have increased 12 times in the last five years. 
Social media influencers income increases fast with popularity

16 times increase in the price of sponsored blog
Aizia report said that in 2006, on average, for a sponsored blog, it was $ 7.39, which is about Rs 529, while now for a blog, on an average, $ 1442, which is about one lakh three thousand rupees. Even on YouTube, the average price of sponsorship video was 420 dollars i.e. about 30 thousand rupees in 2014, while its price has now reached 6700 dollars i.e. about four lakh 79 thousand rupees.

30 thousand rupees on average for a sponsored tweet
Talking of a sponsored tweet on Twitter, in 2014, on average, for a tweet, 29 dollars was found to be about two thousand rupees, whereas now for this, 422 dollars i.e. about 30 thousand rupees are being received. Now on Facebook, on average, for a sponsored post, 395 dollars i.e. around 28 thousand rupees have been started.

How social media influencers earn
The total earnings of social media influencers depends on the number of followers / subscribers, as any company partnerships on the same basis. Talking about India, film stars and cricketers are earning a lot of money from social media. Apart from these, there are many common people who are earning money from social media. After the completion of one lakh subscribers on the YouTube channel, sponsored videos start being received.

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