Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
USNMix Report: In-ear earrings E-20 earphones,
built in the Indian market, in-ear stereo bass.

The sound jack of 3.5mm audio in Sound-E-20 has been given with standard 3.5mm interface, which works with almost all devices.

The leading professional audio and wireless communication solutions provider in the field of portable audio devices, Hong Kong-based company Sound One has once again brought the market with the most unique designs, the Superphone Xperia Super Extra Bass. Sound One has launched in-ear stereo bass E-20 earphones in India at an affordable price. The company claims that it also has a mic that will surely play with you during the journey and during everyday activities. 
Sound One launches in-ear stereo bass E-20 Earphones

The company claims that the Sound One E-20 earphones have given powerful 10 mm drivers for clear and ear-bass stereo sound and it greatly reduces the noise in the surrounding environment. This earphone stays in your ear and does not allow the noise surrounding the inside. These earphones are stylish and ergonomic designs that fit perfectly in the ears.
The sound jack of 3.5mm audio in Sound-E-20 has been given with standard 3.5mm interface, which works with almost all devices. It works smoothly with Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads, iPads, Telbates, computers, MP3 / MP4 players etc. With a button micron you can also play music and even stop, can answer phone call and even disconnect the phone.

-Type: wired in-ear headphones
-Color: Black
-Design: In-ear-canalphone
Powerful Sound Reproduction and Behren Bass Response
-The ability to eliminate the noisy inconvenience
-Frequency Response (Headphones) -20Hattz from 20hrz
-Empirence: 16 OHMS
-10mm Drivers
-3.5 mm output jack
– Inline Mic Remote
The price of this product is Rs 999. It is available for Rs 499 in limited time in Special Launch Offer. There is a one-year warranty with the product and it is available at AMAZON.IN, FLIPKART.COM, PAYTM.COM.
About Sound One:
The Hong Kong-based company provides leading professional audio and wireless communication solutions in the field of sound-air portable audio devices. Sound One always emphasizes on the design, fashion and simplicity as well as innovation. Sound One provides high-end earphones, especially with high quality sound and provides consumers with solutions according to their needs. It offers a huge range of audio zones and styling at affordable cost.
Sound One believes Sound is a very experienced experience and tries to provide consumers with earphones which are according to their personal desire. Sound One is consistently committed to making the best product available at the best possible price. Sounds are the only simple mission of creating innovative and high-quality audio products in which the full focus is on high end sound. Our strengths, success and product range depend on our special relationship with customers. A relationship that has always given better results We provide real sound quality for real consumers.

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