Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
USNMix Report: You can also easily locate friends,
this is the way.

In the era of technology, everyone uses smartphones from sending messages to making calls. People usually find ways to track the location on Google Chrome to protect their friends and family members, but they do not get results. Today we are going to tell you such tricks through which you will be able to track the location easily. So let’s know the whole way.

To find the location of friends and relatives, you have to take help of WhatsApp. For this, first you have to copy the link of the video of YouTube.
After doing so you will have to go to WEBSITE and paste it in the search bar. Here you will get the option to create and tracking URLs.

The new URL has to be sent to WhatsApp of your friend or family members. With this you will be able to track the location.

After doing so you will have to go to the link site again and refresh the page. As soon as your friend or family member opens the link, then you will get the IP address.

Now you have to enter the IP link in the search bar of this WEBSITE. Here you will get the location information in latitude and longitude. After this, you can track this location by putting this information in Google Maps.

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