TRAI put off implementation of new MNP rules indefinitely

USNMix Report: New rules of mobile number portability
will not be implemented right now due to technical problem.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recently announced the introduction of new mobile number portability (MNP) rules. TRAI had said that the new rules will be implemented from November 11. However, due to some technical problems, these rules will not be implemented right now. TRAI has issued a notification stating that it may take some more time to implement the new rules.

Earlier, TRAI had said that in the event of the new rules coming into effect, no consumer will be able to port their number until 6 pm on November 4 and 11.59 pm on November 10. However, due to the situation becoming a late rule, users can port their number to another operator. TRAI has not yet decided on any date to implement the new rules. 
TRAI will not implement new mnp rules due to technical problem

Actually, TRAI wants it to be thoroughly tested before the new rules are implemented, so that people do not have to face any problem. TRAI says that due to technical problems from the telecom operators, the new rules will not be implemented yet.

This benefit will be provided by the new rule
After the new rules are implemented, the consumer will have to wait a bit longer to switch from one telecom operator to another. Now, where it takes seven days to get the number ported, but after the new rules are implemented, it will take only two days.

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