Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
USNMix Report: Truecaller users are selling
Indian data online!

Does your personal information not reach the hackers! Take a look at …
In order to protect personal information, there have been repeatedly asked questions about Mark Zuckerberg and his agency Facebook. World’s most popular messaging app like WhatsApp did not get rid of attack from hackers. This time the name of Truecaller was added to that list. It is learned that Truecaller users are selling online personal information (eg e-mail ID, location or address, contact option number etc.) at 1.5 lakhs!

TrueCaller users around 14 million people all over the world, of whom nearly 70 percent Indians are using it. According to the report published in the Economic Times, recently a cyber security analyst came to the attention of the issue. His claim is that, on the website of the Dark Web, only 2,000 euros (in Indian currency, which is about 1.5 lakhs) are selling information about Indian users of Truecaller. 
Truecaller data of Indian users available for sale online

And about 14 million users personal information of Truecaller users is available on 25000 Euros (which is approximately 19 lacs 46 thousand 5 hundred 21 rupees in Indian rupees). Although the company claims that no sensitive information of Truecaller users has reached to the hackers.

Truecaller is analyzing and investigating the whole issue. TrueCaller is taking steps to further protect users’ transaction information. It has been claimed by the agency that information on the portal that is being sold as TrueCaller users online, actually these are any other app user information or it is completely fake.

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