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USNMix Report: Twitter features Fleets in India,

post will disappear automatically after 24 hours.

Twitter introduced Fleets feature in India. It will work like Snapchat and Instagram Story feature. Users will not be able to comment and retweet on the fleet.

Twitter Fleets are now available in India for twitter will automatically disappear after 24 hours

Micro-blogging site Twitter has introduced a new feature called Fleets to improve the experience of its users. Twitter users will be able to post photos and videos through this feature, which will disappear automatically after 24 hours. However, other users will not be able to like, retweet and comment on these photos and videos. Let us tell you that India has become the third country in the world, where this feature has been released. Earlier, the company launched this feature in Brazil and Italy.

Twitter launches Fleets in India

Works like Snapchat story

Twitter’s Fleets feature works similar to Instagram and Snapchat story features. At the same time, iPhone and Android users can use this feature.

There will be no option to re-tweet to comment

According to Twitter, other users will not be able to re-tweet on photos and videos shared through the Fleets feature. Also, users will not get the option to like and comment. However, users can send feedback on photos and videos shared by sending a message. Apart from this, users have also been given the facility to complain against photos and videos.

How it works

For your information, let us know that the Fleets feature has been introduced in India as a test. To use the Fleet feature, you must first click on the profile option on the left side of Twitter. Here you can upload your photo and video. If you want to see someone else’s fleet, you have to click on that user’s avatar. Apart from this, you can see other fleets by swiping left or right.

Special feature of fleet feature

Twitter users can easily connect with their followers through the Fleet feature. To join, users have to send a message to their followers.

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