Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
USNMix Report: Twitter launched a special feature,
now it will be able to hide annoying replies.

Legendary social media company Twitter has launched the Hide Reply feature for users. Now users will be able to easily hide outrageous and annoying replies. The company has introduced this feature keeping in mind the safety of users. So let’s know about this new feature of Twitter.

Twitter gave a statement
Twitter has said about the new feature that users will be able to see the highlighted reply by clicking on the gray icon, but let us tell you that this reply will not be active. Also, with this feature, users will be able to hold a good post on their posts. On the other hand, the users who have replying are still able to see the entire convergence. 
Twitter launches special feature to hide annoying replies

Had featured Hyde feature last year
Twitter had earlier launched the Hyde feature in select countries. At the same time, the company found during testing that this feature is going to be very useful for users. Apart from this, users can also use this feature from the mobile app.

Feature for TweetDeck released
Prior to the Hyde Reply feature, the company introduced a feature that tweets. Information related to this feature was shared on the TweetDeck. At the same time, users will be able to schedule their tweets through this feature.

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