USB Condom can protect devices from hacking at public place
USNMix Report: Know about USB CONDOM?
How will it be used?

We are constantly using mobiles on the go, on the go, on the go, on the go. Today our life is going on with mobile and with mobile battery. Whenever the battery of mobile runs out, it seems as if life is gone. Today we have started making digital payments to buy paan, bidi and cigarettes. Therefore, USB ports are installed to facilitate mobile charging in airports, stations, hotels, public toilets, shopping centers and other places. You connect your mobile with it and start charging the battery, but it is not secure. To avoid this, the alleged USB data blockers have been brought to the market which have been named “USB condoms” so let’s know about this condom USB.

USB condoms protect the juice from jacking
These USB ports, widely available in public places, can be used by cyber criminals to steal our most sensitive data. To avoid this, alleged USB data blockers have been brought to the market, which have been named “USB condoms”. These “condoms” are not latex like actual condoms, but they do provide you with a good amount of protection. It protects you from ‘juice jacking’. ‘Juice jacking’ is a cyber attack, in which your mobile is infected through a public USB port and malware is installed in your mobile, which enables accessing your personal information to the cyber criminal. 
USB Condom can protect devices from hacking at public place

What is a Condom USB?
‘USB condoms’ are like small USB adapters with input and output ports. This adapter supplies the power to the mobile but prevents data exchange completely. USB condoms are priced at US $ 10, or about $ 714 in US markets and are so small that you can carry them anywhere. In India, it is available online for Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000.

A cyber attack can prove destructive
According to report, the consequences of such a cyber-attack can be “devastating”. He warns, “A free battery charging can free up your bank account. If cyber-criminals install malware, they can block your phone and steal sensitive information like passports and home addresses. ” According to IBM’s cyber security report, “Malware can hijack computing power and your mobile will start working slower.” The report also discussed the dangers of sensitive data theft. Cyber experts also recommend that people use ‘USB condoms’.

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