USNMix Report: The country’s first semi-bullet train started for the common people,
know everything from rents to everything.

All tickets for this train have been booked for the next two weeks.
The country’s first semi-bullet train Vande Bharat Express has been started from today to general public. On February 15, Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed the train a green flag. During the return journey from Varanasi to Delhi on Saturday (February 16th), the train was broken down. Today this train will depart from platform number 16 of the new Delhi station at 6 in the morning. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said that the train has been given the tender for 30 more trains. More than 100 more trains will be ordered soon.
Vande Bharat Express starts first commercial run for the common people

Book tickets for next two weeks
Giving information about the running of Vande Bharat Express from New Delhi Railway Station on Sunday morning, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal congratulated a video tweet. Railway Minister informed that all tickets for this train have been booked for the next two weeks. This train will stop at Kanpur and Allahabad railway stations on the way for two minutes.

According to the report, the rent of this train is something like this.
Kanpur from New Delhi
    Chair Tax – Rs. 1090
    Executive – 2105
Allahabad from New Delhi
    Chair Tax – Rs. 1395
    Executive – Rs. 2750
Varanasi from New Delhi
    Chair Tax – Rs. 1760
    Executive- 3310 rupees
Kanpur to Allahabad
    Chair Tax – Rs. 595
    Executive Rs 1170
Kanpur to Varanasi
    Chair Tax – Rs. 1020
    Executive – Rs 1815
Varanasi from Allahabad
    Chair Tax – Rs. 460
    Executive – Rs 905

How much will the fare on the route while returning from Varanasi

Kanpur – New Delhi
    Chair Car – Rs. 1205
    Executive – Rs 2210
Allahabad – New Delhi
    Chair Car – Rs.1560
    Executive – Rs. 2995
Varanasi – New Delhi
    Chair Car – Rs. 1700
    Executive – Rs 3260
Allahabad – Kanpur
    Chair Car – Rs 645
    Executive – Rs. 1260
Varanasi – Kanpur
    Chair Car – Rs 845
    Executive – Rs 1665
Varanasi – Allahabad
    Chair Car – Rs 460
    Executive – Rs 905
Indian Railways has made this rent by including the GST. Travelers will not have to pay a separate GST from this rent.

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