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USNMix Report: This mobile wallet will be closed,
withdraw your money soon, otherwise the entire amount will be stuck.

Many mobile wallet companies are constantly asking their customers to complete KYC, failing which the companies are being asked to stop the transaction. In fact, notice has been sent to various mobile wallet companies by RBI, in this notice, customers have been asked to complete KYC. Meanwhile, a major e-wallet company has announced to discontinue its service. If you also use Vodafone’s M-Pesa mobile wallet, then definitely read this news. M-Pesa has reported on its website that the operation of M Pesa will expire from 30 September.

The certificate expiring on 30 September
That is, if you have also kept some money in M-Pesa, then transfer it to your account by September 29 or spend it. On behalf of the company, it was said that apart from spending money, you can also apply for account closure or settlement. In the information released on the website by the company, it has been said that certificates issued for this service by RBI are expiring on September 30.

Remove your money like this

According to the company, if there is an amount zero in your wallet, then the account will be closed without any processing on your behalf. The company says that when the customer enters a request for closure or settlement, he will have to give complete information about his bank account, so that the balance can be transferred to his account.
Contact here
For any kind of information about this, Vodafone customers can call the number 55400. Other customers can get detailed information about this by calling 180012355400. You can also visit WEBSITE besides mailing the e-mail address CLICK CONTACT.Apart from this, you can also give service request to the nearest Vodafone store. According to the company, the entire process will take about 7 days.

RBI has asked all mobile wallet companies to complete KYC of customers by 31 August 2019. The full KYC period has been extended by RBI for six months. If you are not able to process KYC for any reason, then you may have problems. Wallet can block you when EKYC, Partial KYC or Minimum KYC expires. In such a situation, you will not be able to add transactions or transfer money from the wallet.

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