USNMix Report: Vodafone’s special feature for Kumbh, 
missing child can find.

Vodafone, a telecommunications company, has started several digital solutions, including instant location information, to meet people strayed at Kumbh Mela. There is also a helpful solution for connecting children and senior citizens with their families. Vodafone Idea gave this information on Thursday. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technical tags have been used in the service of joining the stray people, in which the parents of children or senior citizens will be aware of.
Vodafone started several digital solution for Kumbh

The tag will have general information about the kin
Vodafone-Idea said in a statement, “In these RFID tags, there will be general information about the families of the child or the elderly. When the police or local administration gets an elderly or children, then they will have to flip through the RFID reader and get information about the guardians of the concerned people by going to Vodafone Milk or Khaya found booth.
Kumbha Darshan Seva will also be offered
The people of the family will be informed about the booth and they will be able to meet their child once more. The statement said that under another service, customers will be able to share the information related to their location free of cost. Apart from this, the company will offer Kumbha Darshan service, through which people will be able to get information about the main programs of Aquarius.

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