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These four websites can be used to send large files.

The government has banned popular file sharing website WeTransfer in India. Even after the government ban, some internet service provider companies were opening WeTransfer website on the network after which the government has ordered all internet service provider companies to block WeTransfer, though what is the reason for banning WeTransfer, its At present, no information has been received but it is being said that this decision has been taken in the national interest.
What is the need for WeTransfer?
Many of you may know about WeTransfer, but those who do not know about it, let us know that WeTransfer is a file sharing website with the help of which you can send files up to 20 GB to any corner of the world. The site was proving to be very useful in lockdown, as large files were being shared through it during work from home. So now the question is that apart from WeTransfer, which are the websites that can be an alternative to WeTransfer? Let’s know … 
WeTransfer banned in India

Smash is largely similar to WeTransfer. Through this, you can upload and share files without creating an account. To share a file with a smash, you just need to enter an e-mail and upload the file, just like a WeTransfer. The file you upload on this site is saved for 14 days. Through this, you can share files up to 32 GB.

Apart from WeTransfer and Smash, you can also use Hightail to share large files. With its help, you can share files ranging from 100 MB to 2 GB at a time, although first you have to create an account on this website which is free. The most important thing about this site is that you can also share files on other cloud platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive.
Dropbox is a cloud storage platform that you can access through desktop and mobile apps. It has both paid and unpaid services. With Dropbox, you can share files up to 2 GB for free. To share a file of this size, you will have to pay.

Google drive
You must know about Google Drive. If you have Google’s Gmail account then you will get 15 GB free storage in Google Drive. You can use this storage to upload files and share them with others. With Google Drive, you can easily share photos, videos, audio and other files.

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