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the phone numbers of crores of users.

Bug on WhatsApp platform. Phone numbers of thousands of users are seen on Google. Facebook said – Users’ data will not be leaked.

If you use WhatsApp for messaging, then this news is for you. The bug has been found on WhatsApp platform, due to which phone numbers of crores of users have been published on Google. This information was obtained from the official blog post of Cyber security researcher expert Atul Jayaram. According to the information given in this post, mobile numbers of 29,000 to 30,000 users are appearing in text format on Google due to bug in WhatsApp.

Cyber expert Atul Jayaram says that this bug which has come in WhatsApp has affected the users of many countries of the world including America, India. In addition, users’ data has become available on the open web, which can be easily accessed. He further says that due to click-to-chat feature, there is a risk of hacking on mobile numbers. At the same time, Facebook has said about this bug that the data of users is completely safe. The company has further said that the numbers of those users are appearing on Google, who have decided to publish the number on their own.

Whatsapp mobile number available on Google search

Click-to-chat feature

For your information, let us know that through the click-to-chat feature of WhatsApp, users can easily chat with visitors on the website. To use this feature, users have to scan the QR code. After this, users are able to chat by clicking on the URL.

Cyber expert Atul Jayaram has said that due to the click-to-chat feature, the numbers of mobile users on Google are appearing in text format. Apart from this, phone numbers of many users have appeared with URLs. He has further said that if users’ phone numbers continue to appear on Google, then it will greatly increase the risk of data theft.

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