Xiaomi launches new vending machine for Smartphone in India

USNMix Report: Xiaomi launches new service,
you will get your favorite Smartphone from vending machine.

By putting money into kiosk machines, you take away the food items you like. Neither the hassle of any bargain nor the problem of waiting in the line of the shop. Tickets, food and drink items are easily available from kiosk machines. Now you can buy Smartphone or phone accessories of your choice from Kiosk.

Xiaomi is going to install a Smartphone vending machine for its customers. The company has named this initiative Xiaomi Mi Express Kiosks. The special thing is that in addition to the rupees in this kiosk, you can buy a favorite Smartphone by paying by debit or credit card or UPI. 
Xiaomi launches new vending machine for Smartphone in India

This service started to sell directly to the Smartphone
Chinese phone maker company Xiaomi has started this service to sell its Smartphone directly to its customers. Xiaomi Global Head, Manu Kumar Jain inaugurated the country’s first Smartphone kiosk in Bangalore. On this occasion Manu Kumar Jain informed that the company has introduced a new retail strategy with kiosk machines so that the company can directly reach its customers. This can reduce the operational cost of the company on its product.

Smartphone Vending Machine has been installed in Bangalore recognition Tech Park. These kiosks will be installed soon in the metro cities of the country and the number of products available in kiosks will be increased. The Smartphone and accessories that can be found on kiosk machines can be purchased at the cost of the accessories available on Mi Website.

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